Aspicore GSM Tracker for smart phones

Real-Time GPS GSM Tracking software for smart phones.

We provide the personal tracking software for added safety. Our software can be used to add safety for private and public enterprises that operate in risk areas that have potential civil unsteadiness.

Our tracking software is used in over 100 countries and it is sold by re-sellers and safety experts.

We have the service available for 24/7 and it can be everywhere where there is SMS network available.

  • Android (OEM)
  • Windows Phone 7.5 (OEM)
  • Symbian S60 (Fully configurable for different services)



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(S60 3rd & 5th Ed)


Makes your phone into a real-time AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) tracking device. Also for personal location tracking. See your track in real time on Google Earth or!

Low data costs thanks to packet data and compact messages. Uses location data from a GPS or cell tower information.


The product is intended for fleet tracking, field force automation or personal location tracking.

Would you like to…

  • View the whereabouts of your entire fleet from your desktop?
  • Know the closest vehicle or technician to the next job site?
  • Access yesterday’s detailed route history for every vehicle in your fleet?

Want to protect your Nokia device against theft?

With a system based on Aspicore GSM Tracker, you can!


Adjustable accuracy and data cost

You can configure the timers and events, which trigger the data send action. By default, the data is sent in a compact UDP datagram, only a little over 100 packet data bytes per message. This means that the data transfer costs are minimal compared to e.g. SMS and the communication transactions are very fast.

Cell ID capable

You don’t even need necessarily to have as many GPS receivers as tracked mobile phones, if a lower accuracy suffices and there are only a few places or standard routes you want to have recognized. The location of the mobile phone can also be determined by the network cell id, which identifies the cell tower the phone is connected to.

Position polling by SMS

You can use standard SMS to enquire the location of your phone. The location is identified e.g. by an integrated GPS or by the cell tower.


You can set the application to start automatically into the background every time the cell phone is powered up. Once the application is installed and cofigured, the user does not need to take care of it.

Remote management

Mass installation (over the air) and remote management is possible for professional users.

How to evaluate?

The central database solution is not included, but customers can use Aspicore’s test server in the Internet for evaluation and testing.

The test server can also be used to evaluate the network cell based positioning. Collect first the cell locations along your daily routes with a GPS and then try positioning without a GPS receiver! This is a more affordable and a real-time alternative to operator based mobile phone positioning.

For developers

Read more about server interface and script examples for developers.

Partners and services

Selected partners including tracking services ready to use

We are seeking for international partners.


Supported phones

S60 platform 3rd Edition (Symbian OS v9.x)

  • Phones with internal GPS: Nokia C5-00, 5730 XpressMusic, 6110 Navigator, 6210 Navigator, 6220 Classic, 6650 fold, 6710 Navigator, 6720 Classic, 6730 classic, 6788, 6760 slide, 6788i, 6790 slide, 6790 Surge, E5-00, E52, E55, E66, E71, E71x, E72, E75, E90 Communicator, N78, N79, N82, N85, N86 8MP, N95, N95 8GB, N95-3 NAM, N96, N96-3
  • Need Bluetooth GPS: Nokia 3250, 5500, 5630 XpressMusic, 6290, E50, E51, E60, E61, E62, E65, E70, N71, N73, N75, N80, N91, N92, N93
  • Samsung SGH-i450, i550W

S60 platform 5th Edition (Symbian^1) (all with internal GPS)

  • Nokia 5230
  • Nokia 5235
  • Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
  • Nokia C5-03, C6-00
  • Nokia N97
  • Nokia N97 mini
  • Nokia X6
  • Samsung i8910HD Omnia
  • Sony Ericsson Satio
  • Sony Ericsson Vivaz

Symbian^3, Symbian Anna

  • Nokia C6-01, C7
  • Nokia E6, E7
  • Nokia N8
  • Nokia T7
  • Nokia X7

Correct settings for phone’s gps

You need to check phone’s position settings to be sure that tracking software gets position fix fast. Enable “Assisted GPS” and disable “Network based” and “WiFi” in phone positioning settings. Check that positioning server is


Download trial version (v3.26 for S60 3rd and 5th Ed, 337 kB, 2011-03-31) for Symbian OS


Contact us to purchase the full version.

More info

Installation and configuration (Adobe PDF, 112 kB)

Usage instructions (Adobe PDF, 100 kB)

Setup instructions for service (Adobe PDF, 208 kB, for v3.1x and later)

Setup as a GpsGate TrackerOne tracking unit (Adobe PDF, 476 kB, for v3.17 and later)


Installation et configuration (français, Adobe PDF, 32 Ko)

Tour d’horizon de l’application (français, Adobe PDF, 38 Ko)

Help and recommended settings

Aspicore GSM Tracker 3.xx Help for S60

Frequently Asked Questions

Support FAQ (Including detailed installation instructions for S60)

Discussion forum

See questions and suggestions from other users or enter your own posts in our support forum.

Version history

Aspicore GSM Tracker for S60 3rd & 5th Ed (v3.26) change log

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